Monday, March 25, 2019

Vocabulary Activities for Elementary Students

Are you interested in providing your students with more opportunities to use new vocabulary? If you’re anything like me, I have a solid routine for vocabulary instruction but want my students to use the new vocabulary in a variety of ways. Let me show you a set of vocabulary activities that will provide your students with varied opportunities in using the new vocabulary in your elementary classroom.

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Student Approved Spelling Activities

Do you need more engaging spelling activities for your classroom? You know, the games that your students want to play. Today I’m going to share with you my top student approved spelling activities. Why? Because the more students interact and use the spelling patterns, the more they benefit. Spelling activities can range from paper-pencil activities to whole body movement activities. Teachers may use these games and activities as an entire class or as centers. The spelling activities are for any grade level. Yes, any grade level! also, note that I will be discussing classroom use, you may also apply each activity at home too! Let’s get those little kiddo’s interacting with my student approved spelling activities!

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Valentine Writing Activities-All You Need Is LOVE!

A Valentine Writing Activity all about LOVE!
Classrooms around the world are celebrating Valentine’s Day with writing activities, games, letter exchanges, and finally treats. Are you interested in going a little deeper with your Valentine Writing Activities? I have the perfect writing activity that your students will enjoy this Valentine’s Day! My Valentine Writing Activity Flip Book in titled “All You Need Is Love” because that is exactly what students will write about in the writing activity, LOVE!

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Phonics Practice and Fluency

Are you struggling to provide the necessary time need for phonics fluency and practice opportunities? I know I struggled with this within my classroom and so do teachers everywhere. As educators, we know that providing ample application and practice time for phonics is essential. Enough with all the teacher talk time. I get it! The struggle is, when do I let the students apply their phonics and practice the skills I’m teaching? How do I streamline my daily plan to meet all the instructional needs in phonics? Well, here it is, a three-tiered approach, that you and your students are going to enjoy, without all the pressure!

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